Kat van der Hoorn
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Welcome to the Journey of your life

Intuitive Consultant & Educator



We all yearn to know our true selves, to connect to the deepest parts of our intuition so we can be as authentic as possible. As an intuitive, I help people connect with the supernal energy we all feel the presence of. Once you tap the power of this connection, you will experience the joy, fulfillment and self-acceptance that may have eluded you up until now.

I have learned to welcome joy and abundance in my everyday life by aligning my choices with an inner wisdom we all possess; whether choosing what to eat, who to love, or what career path to follow. My intuitive guidance is clear and loving; leading to growth and renewed self-confidence. I hope you will allow me to show you how to put this wisdom to work for you.



Throughout my life, I have tried to make choices based on my values, strengths and passions. This has led me through such diverse fields as theater and dance company director, 500-hour certified yoga teacher, transformational coach, neuroscience researcher and clinical psychology legal consultant on one of the most significant cases in the United States. The key for me has been to remain authentic to myself, which my channeling experiences and skills have made easier for me than for most people.

I learned at an early age that I somehow felt and saw things others don’t.  These perceptions were not taken seriously then, but I practiced and studied many modalities, including earning a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. I’ve been channeling for over ten years, and bring to each client a unique blend of intellectual expertise based on my clinical training, and the inexplicable ability to “see and hear” a warm, loving wisdom I call my Guides, providing clear guidance right in the present moment. I am humbled by these extraordinary spiritual gifts, and hope to share them so you can live life authentically and with a sense of personal success and fulfillment.  This is all about you, and finding your own sense of internal guidance!


"The reading Kat did for me was amazing. I was blown away by her accuracy and insight. "

/  Susie P. - Mallorca, Spain  /



I channeled for the first time over a decade ago. I was on a retreat in Sayulita, Mexico, with my primary teachers, Miranda and Jana Saunders. Miranda is an extraordinary channel, and she shared her gifts on that retreat. The moment she started, my heart leapt and I knew I was meant to do exactly what she was doing.  So, a few months later, I had a session with her, to learn her secrets.  The entire "lesson" consisted of her looking at me for a moment, smiling, and saying, "Ok...channel." I protested weakly, but then seeing resistance was futile, closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and words from a source that I inherently knew wasn't my own brain flowed out. It was clear, loving and deeply meaningful. Over the last ten years, the voice hasn't changed, but my ability to trust it and experience in ways that are useful to both myself and others has grown infinitely. 

In those ten years, I have learned all manner of healing arts, ranging from a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University (Summa cum Laude), to a year long, 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Chrissy Carter. I did an Energy Medicine intensive with Donna Eden, and also received life coach training from the Life Coach Academy in Sydney, Australia. I have done countless other workshops to enhance my skillset, purely out of the joy of doing so. Due to my deep love of academia and research, I have spent the past five years working as a consultant in PTSD and Trauma, both clinically and in the private sector. 


"Spirit is waiting to guide all of us, Kat is the perfect person to deliver the message. " 

/  Christy B.  /