You have questions.


Tell me more about this channeling thing.

Channeling is the art and ability for a human being to "hear" universal wisdom, and often, to transit it to others. I use hear in quotations, because for many, this wisdom is communicated via written words, physical sensations, images, etc. For me, depending on who I am channeling for, I get some combination of words, images and sensorial experiences (physical or energetic sensations such as a heaviness in my chest, an electricity in my arms, etc.) I can allow my guidance to speak directly through me, or I often hear what their saying and use my own words to communicate it. It all depends on the person being channelled for and what they indicate is the best for the recipient. 

Ok...but how do you know it isn't just your brain telling me things?

First of all, I have no way of proving it, nor am I interested in doing so, and I totally understand if that answer isn't satisfying to you. However, after over a decade of channeling, these elements indicate to me that it isn't simply my brain, but some higher wisdom:

  • I often am truly surprised by what I am channeling, and if asked for advice, would have said something totally different. For example, I have channeled for a client who wanted to move to another state. My brain wanted to say, "hey! Just buy a ticket and get on a plane!" However, my guidance had very different information for her, which I transmitted, and it resonated deeply.

  • What I channel usually aligns with clients' own intuition. I have heard countless times people saying to me, "oh wow, I just journaled the same thing the other day," or "that's just what my gut said."

  • It feels completely different. The sensation of channeling feels far more like receiving something (like listening to music) rather than creating something (like writing an article). It feels like it comes from a completely different source.

  • I often get very specific information directed to the person that I didn't know about them, and would have no way of knowing. These have included an image of the very specific type of cookie their grandmother would bake for one person, the type of flowers that another one painted, and too many more to count.

Are you a psychic?

  • If you mean, will my guidance tell you your future, the answer is "sort of." I personally believe and have found to be true that the future is dictated by every decision that you make, and you are the deciding factor of much of how your future turns out. That said, my guidance often has valuable information as to how things are likely to turn out if behaviors don't shift or circumstances don't change, and also how to change that trajectory easily and fluidly. If something that seems in the future comes out in a session and makes you uncomfortable, please do not assume this is destined. My guidance has never once alerted anyone to a problem or negative situation without also offering a loving, manageable solution.

Who is this guidance you keep talking about, anyway?

  • After many years of calling my guidance "The Guides," they revealed to me in channel writing that their name was Loev. However, they also seemed very joking and easeful when they told this to me, so I alternate back and forth between just calling them "my guidance" and Loev. To me, they present as a group of wise, bodiless voices with a fabulous sense of humor and a profound amount of love, wisdom and care for humanity.

What's a session like?

  • At this time, I offer sessions 100% via zoom or phone - this allows me to work with people all over the world, as well as allows me to easily record the sessions for you as you so desire. Sessions run anywhere from 10-15 minutes (for a returning clients only, so we have time to answer any practical questions first and for you to get to know my guidance well), to an hour and a half for extended questions or a combination of coaching and channeling. I can do both open channeling (just sharing any wisdom coming through at that moment) as well as question and answer, and usually sessions are a combination.

What kind of questions can I ask?

  • Any questions are absolutely welcome - there are no questions too bad, too serious, too silly, too vain, too intense. My many years of training and practice in PTSD and Trauma have given me the tools to create a safe space for absolutely anyone, regardless of circumstance. If the question answered will allow you to have some relief or joy, then it's a great question to ask.

What can I do to prepare for a session?

  • First of all, you absolutely don't have to do anything to prepare - you can just show up and see what unfolds. With that said, I have found people who have specific questions, as well as an openness and an intention for them to be answered, have a more fulfilling and elevating experience. If there are any rituals that help you feel calm and relaxed, (meditating, taking a bath, listening to a song you love), they all can assist in helping you feel connected and present for what comes.

Coaching and Guidance

What kinds of clients do you coach?

  • I adore working with people from all walks of life. I've worked with clients ranging in age from their early 20s up until their 70's, from truly any and all walks of life. I do have a particular love of working with parents who want to be aligned with their intuition and values while cultivating healthy, loving relationships with their children. I also am known as the "coach's coach" and the "healer's healer" and adore working with clients who live in service to others

What kind of coaching do you do?

  • After many years of different types of training and education, my coaching is influenced by many elements, but also unique to me. Each session is compassionate, supportive, and 100% custom-designed for your highest growth and needs.

Does a session have to have channeling as a part of it?

  • Definitely not! I have coached for a long time without utilizing channeling, to extraordinary success. A session can be as intellectual or as universal as you desire, and it can change from session to session. What I can promise is, is that every session will be absolutely tailored for your individual needs and wishes, will be compassionate, funny and will help launch you into the trajectory of where you want to be heading.