Kat van der Hoorn
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Consulting & Education


Intuitive Consulting

Every human being has the intuitive power to have clarity in their decision-making and the ability to manifest all the things they want. But doubts, fears and ego block most people’s connection to their deep inner wisdom. Using my clinical expertise and intuitive gifts and training, I will help guide you to find the answers for yourself about absolutely any topic - the sky is the limit for your growth potential. I have worked with people on many different situations; from leaving abusive relationships and finding loving, satisfying partners, to launching a new career; from overcoming challenging health issues, to healing dysfunctional family history. I have a particular passion for working with parents who want to stay true to their authentic selves while fostering healthy, nurturing relationships with their children.


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Channeling is the gift of being able to hear universal wisdom, expressed in clear, understandable language that people can utilize for their growth and joy. I hear words, see images, and feel physical sensations that allow me to guide my clients to connect to their inner knowing and intuition. The wisdom is always kind, gentle, and expressed in a way that helps the person being channeled use in their own life. A channeling session is a dialogue between you and the universe of energy and light beings out to support you, with me working as a radio that is tapped into the signal of their vibration. People who have experienced this work have gone on to make extraordinary changes in their lives, and I am honored to share this gift with you.

Intuition Education

Your intuition, or internal guidance system, is the strongest, yet likely most underused tool you possess. From an early age, we are told by parents, teachers, and friends to ignore our intuitive senses in favor of textbooks, logic and the media pundits. This looking outside for answers often leaves a person feeling like a fraud and destroys self-confidence. But no matter how old you are, you can learn how to free the blocks you’ve accumulated, and tap into the powerful inner wisdom that is your intuition. In a safe and full-hearted session, I will teach you a step-by-step way of connecting with your authentic self so you can break through life patterns and cycles, and gain clarity and confidence by learning how to receive guidance for yourself.

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I had the pleasure of doing a channeling session and it was so valuable. Kat brings a light and friendly energy to the session and immediately I felt comfortable in what could be a quite vulnerable space.  The answers and insights she was able to surface for me were so incredibly spot on and any small feelings of doubt quickly were gone.  I had all my questions answered and I felt such an immense sense of peace afterwards. 

/  Shannon P., USA  /