Kat van der Hoorn
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"I've never had channel work done but the opportunity to work with Kat came up and I jumped at the chance.   What an amazing experience.  Kat is smart and funny and above all else deeply connected to spirit.  The knowledge and direction she shared have impacted me deeply, both in the work that I do and with my sweet family.   I think about the wisdom that Kat channeled on a daily basis.   

/ Christy B. /

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Kat is a gem! She has an amazing connection that's so strong and intuitive, it gave me goosebumps! Through channeling, she's able to offer deep insight and wisdom that is profound, yet also practical. It was a truly amazing experience and I feel lucky that I crossed paths with Kat!

/  Drew F., Bangkok  /

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I had a session with Kat this week, and it was amazing!  I cried 'truth tears' (those tears that spring up when something is so absolutely, foundationally true) and felt so much peace and clarity in understanding more deeply who I am and how to bring my gifts forward into the world.  What I gained from our session together I will carry forward for the rest of my life.  Kat truly has a gift and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to get clear guidance and support on your path.

/ URSA S., USA /

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 My session with Kat was so interesting and helpful. I could tell the message I received was indeed channeled as it directly related to a talisman I had been wearing that week and a metaphor that deeply resonated to me. I had never met or talked to Kat before our phone chat and she would have no idea how powerful the metaphor was to me. The message provided me the peace and alignment I needed going forward in a difficult situation. Hearing it from Kat brought peace and reassurance. 

/  Ariel A., USA  /